Monday, February 18, 2008

monday moods

it's all fake


Ioana said...

super asta ;)

L.Reis said...

It sure feels like Monday :D :D
The bird adds an extra to this fantastic atmosphere
(Tell me Adrian...what does "Horoabe" mean...I was linking to your blog and I kept thinking about it...)

Horoabe said...

10x L.
"Horoabe comes from a nice place… as soon as you pass over Styx." :)
there's a valley (more like a canyon at it's end) in Bucegi Mountains, Romania, called Horoabe's Valley. The entrance in the canyon is made from 2 natural tunnels - the last one's wall is written "Styx" and ends at the edge of a water fall you should cross to enter the canyon... i hope in the summer, when the canyon is not flooded i'll get there & make some picture :) for it is a really nice place.