Saturday, May 3, 2008

they said: "i do!"

my friends Andrei & Andreea :)


L.Reis said...

As I said it's difficult to choose between the two...but one thing I must add: lucky Andrei & Andreea, that had their primise engraved in wood :)

Horoabe said...

well.. yes, they are lucky to have each other & i'm happy for them.
I've got to this idea from the rings of the log. As the tree grows it has more rings and as a relation goes throw the years i think it's like adding more & more rings :)

andreea said...

leo, thank you so much for the post. for me it was pretty amazing seeing it; followed me through the whole day. and the most important thing that remain into my mind was what you said about the rings of the log; that as the years pass by, more rings are getting added and the relationship becomes stronger. to be honest it is exactely what i wish from our log :)

Dungha said...

Excelent lucrat!!!