Thursday, September 4, 2008

the cat empire

taken in Cluj Napoca, 2nd august, somewhere under Cetatuia.
regrets?!? - Yes.
We’ve stayed for about 40 minutes in town & haven’t got the chance to see some good old friends…
Gave up on calling them for I knew I couldn’t meet them. Not quite funny being on the run like this.
Szia Kinga & 10x for the message.
Hi MadK! I wish we’ve met… miss you & Bobo; thanks for the pictures with your little 4 months Georgia – wish I’ve seen her that day…
on the run, as i've said - not quite funny.


MadK said...

miss u2, Leo!!!! maybe next time... you're welcomed anytime, in our home, just as you've welcomed us in yours :) for 3 years :)) and... when will you send me pictures of your little one? :D

Adrian Leonte said...

:) thank you Mada. About the little ones... they'll come for sure, in time :)