Friday, September 19, 2008

Let the storm come!

Make it 3 for I can not get angry. It should have been black. It should have been yellow – red for it is September, but it's blue. It should have been gray & dark brown for it was raining, but it is blue. It should have been... but it is not. Too tired to stay awake, too tired to untie the roots – how can i find the morning when my eyes are bleeding behind the waves of leaves? I need a storm beside me & by the way, what color is your water painted?


Marcie said...

Love the soft colors..the dreaminess.. more. Wonderful!!!

L.Reis said...

Ok...I've seen some good results with selective colouring before, but this one is surely one of the first impression was of glass flowers against the softness of the background.

Adrian Leonte said...

thank you marcie, thank you L. - it was more like selective decolouring than selective colouring the way to that result :)

Framed and Shot said...

This is more art than photo!
The selective decolouring is so soft, so tender - and the details so sharp.
Excellent work! Do you mind sharing the secrets?

Adrian Leonte said...

thank you "Framed and shot"! Randi or Knut?

No, it's not a secret... the picture was taken raw (nef actually, for i used a d80) and i've reduced the intensity of the other colors as much as i could without losing the blue in camera raw & also added some sharp. than in photoshop i've used multiple layers for processing the image, such as hue/saturation and selective color. The last layer was a solid color fill - white, turned on soft light... & a lot of playing :D

Framed and Shot said...

Thanks for sharing!
We have to try it, really makes a great photo!
Randi and Knut /Framed and Shot