Sunday, December 9, 2007

there's a door out there

can you see it? it's right there, don't be afraid.
'cause all you've got to do is to search for it.
the only problem is that google won't help you this time ;)

so, can it be?!?
can be an arrow or a mirror, may be a church or just a half bw;
can be a heart or just the light, can be an M or maybe just another non-bw;
can be a wizard or a spider, can be the shadow game or just a tree
can be a house...
can be, but... where's the key?!?


Ioana said...

yes, it can be whatever, as long as you really want it to exist. sometimes you don't even know it's there. sometimes it's the blue. :)
no, it won't be red for me either. but i've thought of something else. hua hua.

Ioana said...

haha, amu l-ai lipit pe adrian cel mic de marele Leonte. :))

Horoabe said...

:) yep, i did :P, but that is not the key of the door